Monday, April 29, 2013


I love making old things new. 

The husband was out of town for two days this weekend and I decided to spend my night/day home alone revamping a number of items. I'm attempting to bring more color into our front room and this pretty M was the perfect place to start. 

Supplies Needed:
1. A 3D letter 
2. Colored String (I scored all that string at the thrift store for $5!)
3. A good TV Show
4. A hot glue gun and sticks

*This may vary depending on what letter you are wrapping
1. Once you've decided what colors, find a place to begin wrapping the string. I started at the base of my M.
2. I held the edge of the string with my finger and began wrapping the string around and around. This should hold the edge in place, but for extra security you can add a dab of hot glue to the edge.
3. Continue wrapping horizontally and diagonally. I wanted mine to have a crazy, playful look so you can see the string wrapping has no particular pattern.
4. Keep moving your way up/around the letter. Try and keep the amount of string equal throughout. 
5. Repeat this process using different color string until your letter is covered with minimal holes. 
6. The hot glue gun and your patience will come in handy when trying to do edges, like the V shape in the center of the M. Use the glue gun to hold string in place that wants to slip. 
*I knew the back side of my M was not going to be seen so I chose to put dots of hot glue on the back rather than on the front or sides.
7. Once you are happy with the color and pattern of your string, use hot glue to secure the string ends and enjoy your DIY String Letter.

Other variations of this might include an ombre effect, using one solid color, painting the letter before wrapping in string, or using a different material to wrap.

Post a link in the comments to your blog if you attempt a DIY string letter. I'd love to see it!

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  1. Oh! That's brilliant! I've been accumulating inexpensive ideas for projects I can do for my dorm room and this may have just found its way to the top!
    tessa lynn