Friday, June 28, 2013


IPhone {VSCO Camera} pictures from the past month
35 weeks and what I’ve learned about pregnancy fashion 

1.      Don’t expect to feel amazing, BUT don’t give up on trying!
2.     Comfortable, slip on shoes are a MUST – I found mine here.
3.     Motherhood Maternity isn’t all that bad – at least for bottoms. I’m now the proud owner of a pair of skinny jeans, stretchy pants and a pair of shorts, all from Motherhood.
4.     Dresses and Maxi skirts are still one of your best friends. It’s worth purchasing a few of these during your second trimester because they will grow along with the rest of your body. Yes…as your stomach gets bigger so does the rest of you…sad, I know.
5.     Let’s talk about makeup – getting a mac makeover and switching to their products has tremendously helped me feel better about my fuller face. Don’t skimp on good make up. Like my sister used to say, you only get one face, so treat it well. Look out for a product review in the near future.
6.     Do your hair! The days I look in the mirror and cry about the way I look are the days I did nothing to my hair…It’s as simple as that.
7.      Basic tank tops – Target has a tank called “long and lean.” These are my new favorite. The straps are a bit thicker and they are fitted and long.
8.     Purchase undergarments that fit you well. Your bra and panties have a lot to do with how smooth things look.
9.     Accessorize. There are many days when the only thing I feel good in is my skinny jeans and a black tank top. BUT with a real cute necklace, rings, earrings and maybe even a headband I still can feel like I’m styled. And don’t forget about having a cute bag!

All that to say, being styled in your third trimester is going to take some effort, but it is totally possible. And it’s okay if you wear the same thing multiple times a week – no one who has ever been pregnant will judge you.

Can you tell I needed a pep talk? I mean, who doesn’t when you are 35 weeks along?

Monday, June 24, 2013


We've made progress on project shared room, our side of the bedroom is finished! This past month I was finally able to find a few the perfect pieces I wanted for our room. 

1. Wall Art - The husband and I went back and forth about what to do with the empty walls surrounding our bed, do we building shelving or hang wall art? We ended up with wall art and I couldn't be happier with our little collage! The large matte wood frame and the funky gold frame are both from Target. The artwork in the large frame is from here. The white shadow box was an item we've had for a couple of years, originally from Marshalls. I like the option of having something we can easily post new pictures to. The combination of wood, white and gold on the grey wall really ties everything together.

2. THE DRESSER! - I searched for months on craigslist, at thrift stores and garage sales. I was ready to give up. I knew I wanted a mid-centruy modern dresser that was buffet style and needed to fit under our window. Finding something cheaper than $500-$1,000 was looking impossible. And then, I found this beauty on craigslist...all ready re-purposed. It was the perfect size, price and just so stinkin cute! 

3. The Light - After getting an very expensive estimate from an electrician, we ended up having the husband and his dad hang the light. It is so nice to have light coming from the ceiling. If you missed my last post on the room, the light is from here.

4. The Orange Bowl - I love little details. I've been searching for the perfect bowl to put little baby things in. This past weekend I found this at the thrift store. I love the burnt orange color and aztec detail. 

5. THE OTTOMAN! - This one deserves all caps and an !, too. Why are ottomans so expensive!?! Once again, I've been searching everywhere for the perfect ottoman for our chair. Just two days before I told the husband to be mentally prepared if I end up spending $100-$200 on an ottoman. I knew it was crazy, but I wasn't finding anything cheaper. AND THEN I struck gold. I found this little brown leather beauty at the thrift store for $2!!! I'm all about repurposing items, but sometimes it is so nice to find something that doesn't need any TLC.

6. The Pillows - I'm pretty sure the yellow pillow from Target and the black and white pillow from Ikea are the two most popular pillows in the U.S. I flipped the Target pillow over to the geometric side and moved it from the chair to the bed - it is like new. On our last trip to Ikea I was happy to find the black and white item wasn't out of stock. 

Things are coming along! Now for the really fun part. Baby's side of the room. Can't wait to put it all together and share it with you guys.

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 21, 2013

MICHELLE {Maternity Session}

"You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling." - Inception

So much of being a photographer is letting yourself dream and letting yourself create without fear. This is my goal for the coming months. Shooting according my photographic style and helping my clients dream along with me. Message me if you are interested in dreaming a little bigger for your next photo shoot.


P.S. Isn't she lovely? I can say first hand, her beauty flows from deep within. 

Friday, June 14, 2013


We finally found the perfect dresser for our shared room! And for the first time I felt a sense of responsibility to keep the surface of my furniture protected. So, I decided I need to make a set of coasters. If you DIY a lot, you probably have a stash of left over fabrics waiting to be used like me. I decided to use the scrap fabric from my moccasin revamp since the aztec vibe goes with our room decor.

Supplies Needed:
Scrap Fabric (I chose a scrap fabric that was a bit thicker/sturdier)
Measuring Tape
Marker (I need help cutting straight lines)

Instructions - Probably the easiest project you'll ever do...
1. Depending on your fabric you may choose to cut a specific part, I chose to keep the pattern centered. Once you've decided on that, use your marker and measuring tape to draw out a square of 4.25in x 4.25 in. 
2. Cut along the line
3. Pour yourself a refreshing beverage and enjoy your new coasters!

If you try this simple DIY post a link to it in the comments, I'd love to see it!

Happy Friday!

Monday, June 10, 2013


There is just something so beautiful about a lake I can't describe. I'm grateful to have spent the weekend on Gun Lake with the husband and his family. We fished, we ate, we relaxed and we laughed. 

How was your weekend?