Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I'm twenty three weeks in and I've learned a few lessons about what works and what doesn't when it comes to pregnancy fashion. I always imagined it would be so cute to dress my little bump but the thought of having to shop at motherhood maternity made me want to throw up, I'm just being honest. 

Well, this has proved to be a bit more difficult than I'd imagined. Did this happen to anyone else? I think it is a combination of when you feel huge nothing looks good and in reality, most regular clothes just don't work. They are either too short, too tight or just plain unflattering. All that to say, here are a few lessons I've learned about pregnancy fashion.

1. Your shirts need to be long, I mean very long.
2. Babydoll dresses are your best friend
3. Maxi Skirts are your other best friend
4. Just because your belly is xxl doesn't mean that is the size you should buy, I mean its not like your shoulders are growing too.
5. You need comfy shoes, not ugly shoes
6. Be creative and don't be afraid to take risks. Just send a picture to a friend before you go outside. 
7. You NEED your friends' help. I have two, Michelle and Elizabeth, that are my fashion police. Most days I send either one or both of them a picture of my outfit to see if it works.
8. Target tank tops have been one of my staples. They make everything longer and add color when needed.
9. Accessorize!!!!! Jewelry is always a good choice.
10. Maternity jeans are great. I'm a fan of Gap's line, they are worth the money.

My Outfit Breakdown:
Shoes/Reef >> Jeans/Gap >> Tank top/Target >> Denim shirt/Volcom >> Necklace/Urban Outfitters

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