Friday, April 26, 2013


With the warm weather finally hitting the midwest, I was inspired to create a fresh pair of earrings. They are extremely simple to make. Once you've gathered your supplies, follow the instructions and let me know how they turn out! And I've included a 26 week bump picture for history's sake :)

1. Piece of Leather
2. Cording
3. Suede strands
4. Wire
5. Earring hooks
6. Scissors
7. Wire cutter
8. Iron
*I purchased all these items from Michaels/Joann Fabrics

1. Once you've gathered all your supplies, begin by cutting three thin strands of leather, four pieces of suede and one piece of cording. I cut each of mine about 4 inches long. 
2. If your suede looks like mine pictured above, you will need to iron the strands before moving to the next step.
3. Take all the strands and arrange them together in a bunch. 
4. Cut 4-5 inches of wire and wrap tightly around top of strands. Once they are secure, cut another couple inches of wire and wrap again, but this time twist the wire so it ends up in the center of the strands. 
5. Weave wire through earring hook and twist to secure. Make sure sharp edge of wire is inside the earring.


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