Friday, February 1, 2013


I'm not one to decorate for holidays. (this year I didn't even put up a Christmas tree...shhh) But I got the itch to make something simple and sweet for Valentine's Day. So, I grabbed an old book, my scissors, twine and my glue gun and went at at. 

1. Figure out where you want to put your heart garland. Then, measure and cut the length of twine you need. You may choose to string them along something horizontally or hang them vertically from the light above your table or something.
2. Tear out pages from your old book, and cut the pages in half and then fold them in half and draw half a heart and cut along the line. (like pictured above) This way you get perfect little hearts. I made hearts of all different sizes, I recommend at least three.
3. Lay out your pattern and start hot gluing them to the twine. If you will be able to see both sides, than hot glue another heart to the back so the twine doesn't show.
4. Hang them up and admire your pretties

How are you decorating for Valentines Day?

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