Thursday, February 21, 2013


My moccasins were starting to look pretty sad and all the ones in the store were looking so cute. Normally, I'd just buy a newer cuter pair, but we are on a tighter budget now a days so I decided to revamp mine and I only spent $5 to do it!

You will need:
1. A pair of moccasins
2. Cute, durable fabric (mine is suede and I only needed about a foot of it)
3. New leather or suede string to go with your fabric
4. Scissors, paper and marker
5. Rubber cement or fabric glue

Once you have your supplies I'd suggest cleaning your moccasins with some vinegar to freshen them up. Here is how I went about this project...

1. Begin by tracing on paper the shape of the lip of your mocs, cut shape out.
2. Use paper stencil to cut fabric to shape. Flip the stencil over to use for other shoe. Place cut fabric on shoe and try your best to make it as accurate as possible. This took me a bit of time. My right shoe looks better than my left :)
3. Re-lace your moccasins. Cut strings to desired length. Then match up and cut holes in fabric so strings can go through.
4. Glue the fabric down. I used a thick coat of rubber cement. The first time I think the mocs absorbed all of it, because they didn't stick. I did a second coat and it seemed to work. If I did this again I might try fabric glue instead. Press edges down it all the right crevasses and let em dry.

I just love how they turned out!

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