Monday, August 5, 2013


Anyone else in love with the whimsy a floral crown adds? I've been hoping to create one for a session and when little Brooklyn was born I knew she would wear a crown perfectly. Thus began my adventure in creating a floral crown. 

I read a lot of tutorials on how to make a one and as always, I have intentions of following the directions but at some point in the process I go rouge and do my own thing. So, my tutorial is pretty simple, as are most of my DIY's. . .

Supplies Needed:
Fake flowers - make sure they have wire stems
Jewelry wire
Wire Cutters

*If you want to wear this for more than a photo-shoot purchase these items

Hot glue/gun
Needle & thread

1. Purchasing the right mix of flowers is essential - it is very easy to make a fake looking/lets be honest "off looking - almost cute, but something isn't quite right" floral crown. Take your time moseying the store and dreaming up what would look good together. Because mine is for a newborn I knew I wanted it to be simple and organic looking and a few touches of color. I also knew it was only going to be about 13inches around so I had very little space to work with. 
2. Make sure the elastic and jewelry wire match your color scheme as well.
3. Start the floral arranging process. I cut a few pieces of flowers and moss and off, leaving about two inches of stem on each so I could wrap it together. 
4. I began wrapping the wire of the moss together leaving space in-between so I could add flowers to it later.
5. Once the moss was wrapped/wire twisted together and the correct length, I used jewelry wire to add in the flowers and little white fillers. Once it was all secure I twisted the wire in the back together to close it. 

*To make this into a longer-term wearable headband...

6. Once your crown is the proper size, take wire crown and hot glue it to elastic. You may choose to add a few flowers/fillers to cover the elastic. Make sure to leave a space of elastic blank in the back so it can stretch to fit your head. I would leave at lease two inches of bare elastic. 
7. Sew ends of elastic together and there you have it! A pretty floral crown.

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