Friday, June 14, 2013


We finally found the perfect dresser for our shared room! And for the first time I felt a sense of responsibility to keep the surface of my furniture protected. So, I decided I need to make a set of coasters. If you DIY a lot, you probably have a stash of left over fabrics waiting to be used like me. I decided to use the scrap fabric from my moccasin revamp since the aztec vibe goes with our room decor.

Supplies Needed:
Scrap Fabric (I chose a scrap fabric that was a bit thicker/sturdier)
Measuring Tape
Marker (I need help cutting straight lines)

Instructions - Probably the easiest project you'll ever do...
1. Depending on your fabric you may choose to cut a specific part, I chose to keep the pattern centered. Once you've decided on that, use your marker and measuring tape to draw out a square of 4.25in x 4.25 in. 
2. Cut along the line
3. Pour yourself a refreshing beverage and enjoy your new coasters!

If you try this simple DIY post a link to it in the comments, I'd love to see it!

Happy Friday!

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