Monday, March 25, 2013


Something the husband and I have in common is we like to find clothes that resonate with us, we say no to impulse shopping for the most part and choose to be intentional with what we purchase. 

Men's fashion can be difficult, especially for someone like the husband who is tall and thin. Enter Forever 21 for Men.... Can I just say that I LOVE their men's line of clothing! They offer eclectic items, as well as the typical guy flannel and it seems as though its made for guys who are tall and thin. This winter Greg purchased a few items from Forever 21 for the first time, one of which is this sweater. I was giddy inside because if you can't tell, I LOVE Aztec design.

So guys, or girls who buy their husband's clothes...take a peek at Forever 21's Men's line as you update your wardrobe for Spring, I'm certain you'll find something you love.


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