Friday, March 29, 2013


Have any extra doilies and string laying around? Here is a simple way to turn those extras into a little pop in your wardrobe. 

1. Find doily and decide how big you want your collar to be. Try tucking it into they neck of your shirt to see what effect you would like. This will help you know what kind of doily to use and how you should be cutting in the next steps.
2. Start by cutting doily in half.
3. Fold the amount of collar you want showing over and secure with bobby pin. Than cut a rounded shape to remove execs, that way you don't have a lumpy chest, haha.
4. Place the two halves together, collar facing up, so the edges you want meeting at the center of your collar are touching.
5. Take string, or your choice of ribbon, and cut a real long piece. Tie a pretty little bow to link the halves. I made two bows so it was secure.
6. Doing one side at a time, weave string through the doily so it creates a permanent fold. Once I get to the edges I looped it through a couple of times and did some sort of knot. I wish I was a not expert to tell you what I did. My advice is just make sure its secure without creating a big not.

And then you just tuck it into your shirt or dress and wal-la you have a cute lace collar.


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